Best Garageband Alternatives

Garageband is a music composing app as we all know and it is exclusive for the Apple users, it can be accessed on iPhones or Mac’s. Garageband has a lot of amazing features due to which it is the most used app in music Industry almost every music composer uses Garageband to compose the music. But, not everyone can afford a Apple device so in that case we are going to tell you the best Garageband Alternatives available which you can use on your windows. Even some of the platforms can be accessed online so there is no need to install some software in order to access that app which makes the work a lot more easier.

#1 Audiotool is an online platform so you do not need to download and install and software on your PC in order to use the music composing app. You can just access their platform via your web browser which really does sound amazing and so easy! The best part about audiotool is that you can easily save all your tracks and their website and later comeback and access them. So which makes it easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

While there is an additional option to install their dekstop app which also allows you to add all the Audiotool devices to that dekstop App! You can share your tracks with anyone using the cloud feature which makes merging and splitting more easier. There is one more option you can try downloading garageband on pc.

#2 Abelton Live

Abelton Live is a very unique music composing app which not only lets you compose the music but also assists you on the way! The reason why abelton live is a famous app is because of its ability to edit the song real time during live performance and record it during the go. That’s why this app is among one of the most famous app’s in Live performers it gives a lot more options.

As the company is constantly trying to improve their software so they keep releasing new versions to make consistent progress. Till now they have released eight versions which is quite a lot and in every version they release they try to make it more better than the previous release whether it’s MIDI Imporvements or something else!

#3 Music Maker Jam

Music maker Jam works for both iOS and Windows devices and if you are looking to expand your music library then Music Maker Jam is the right choice for you because they have great collections of track in Hip Hop, Metal, Techno etc. Not only the library but when it comes to sound mixing it is a great tool. It works smoothly when it comes to mixing track and does the job pretty easily without any hiccups or any other general issue!

So, this was it for the Best Garageband Alternatives! Stay tuned for more updates from unselfie we will be back some informative article soon!

Top 5 Movie Apps For Android

Watch any movie or TV show for free on your android devices! These are the best movie apps that will provide you a great user experience letting you watch your favorite movies or TV shows anywhere anytime.

Have you tried these apps on your devices?

Best Adventure Games for Android 2017

Who doesn’t love adventure games? Every game has its uniqueness which makes it different from others. We would not say all games are amazing but people do have different opinion and we will be telling you the games which are liked by the majority. Do not miss these:

1. Cryptic Labyrinth

Probably one of the best adventure games out there. Cryptic Labyrinth is a game which will play with your mind and test your problem solving skills. You will be locked in a creepy room and there is only one exit to leave the room which is right in from of you. How to exit? Well, that’s the game. It is a step-by-step game with reality-based graphics which will help you to unlock the door and go towards the next level.

2. Haunted Manor

Ones with the heart problems should probably stay away from this. It is a horror game in which a tourist is staying in a haunted hotel and hears weird voices. Get the game and help the tourist with his curiosity.

3. Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff is an animated game where you play as the father of a family living in a peaceful town until a monster chicken disrupts the whole town. Get rid of it and save your town by following the game’s rules.

4. Wolf Among Us

This is a very popular multiple award winning game with a mind boggling story. In this game you’ll need to make decisions at various stages which will affect the story. Although the gameplay is a bit weird a first but the nail biting story will keep you entertained.

5. Ice Age Village

The popular animated movie series has now turned into a game where you’ll need to build houses for your fellow animal friends in order to protect them from the cracked earth’s crust.

6. Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is among the most popular games of all time. There are numerous GTA games and all will amaze you. You play as a gangster who receives missions such as shooting somebody or delivering the package. The game may be a bit edgy but it sure will make you play again and again.

7. Minecraft : Pocket Edition

Minecraft is a well known name in the gaming industry. This game tests your creative abilities by giving you infinite supply of the materials. With the given materials, you can build whatever you want. There are basically two modes; creative and survival. In the creative mode you’re free to move around the map and do whatever you want to whereas in the survival mode you’ll need to build things in the day time whereas protect them from the monsters at the night.

8. Cat Story

The game revolves around the cat who handles a giant ship which gets destroyed by the storm and the cat ends up in an unknown island. The cat then does whatever it can in order to build her island.  

Top Apps To Watch Movies Online For Free

When you miss out on movies, you don’t always want to buy a CD for a one time watch, isn’t it? Well, here is when the apps which are meant for watching movies online come to our rescue. So, let me bring to you, a list of applications which let you enjoy movies online, for free. In case you have missed out on them, here is your savior.

Everyone might know of Showbox, but the others are of help when Showbox goes out of service. Have a look at the apps for you, try them out, and see which one is the best for use!

Showbox App


One of the most popular applications to watch movies online, Showbox is an ideal one. Showbox is your one stop destination for watching movies online. With regular updates on board, Showbox has made a name in the world of apps to watch movies online. With HD quality videos and a universal user interface, the app does great on both laptops and tablets. Downloading and streaming movies just became easier and better!

Playbox HD app


With an easy and simple to view user interface, the app is a box full of Entertainment. The name speaks pretty much about the application itself. When HD and play come together, well, you know you have got the best in store. So, here is Playbox HD app; a place where you can enjoy movies and shows for free with friends and family.  Updates are frequent enough for you to never get bored, it is safe enough as well, and with Chromecast and Kids mode, Playbox HD is indeed an application which is worth being used as an alternative to the app which has become the favorite of all, Showbox HD!

With an easy and simple to view user interface, the app is a box full of Entertainment.



With around 25 million users on board, Crackle is an amazing app to watch movies online for free. Content gets uploaded every month and irrespective of your location, all you need is the app to enjoy a list of hot movies of the month.

  • Watch a number of movies and shows for free.
  • Works in sync with Chromecast, and hence lets you cast them.
  • You can as well save movies for your leisure time with the help of a watchlist.

Hulu App


This is an application where content upgradations take place once the movies and shows have been aired; of course depending upon certain rules and terms.  One can view more than a single show as well.

  • You can watch movies and shows at your clicks.
  • You can use Chromecast to cast the movies on your TV’s.
  • It keeps adding content; hence, you are always getting more.
  • Create your watchlist for later on!

Hubi Streaming app


Well, for times nothing seems to work out, here is an easy way out to watch movies offline.  This is an application where you can choose the kind of media you want to be used for playing the movie, you can share links with friends and others for their easy access. Also, a unique feature of the application is the fact that it doesn’t has movies within the app, but is basically a source of external links from where movies are streamed.



If you are looking for movies which aren’t the typical filmy drama, here is your kind of an app. You get a list of movies to your disposal which aren’t typical, but a great source of entertainment for sure. It has its own advantages and cons; hence, you can use it for yourself, to decide whether or not it is worth the time and internet data. *winks*

Flipps HD


A nifty app it is, which allows you to watch movies on your TV as well, thanks to technology. The movie collection is an average one where you can quite easily keep yourself entertained enough in times of boredom. Though a little slow, the quality of streaming is phenomenal and worth a watch on your TV screens over your Smartphones.

So, this was all about the applications which allow you to watch movies online for free. From Shobox, to Flipps, there are differences and similarities; it is now you who can choose the best for you. all the apps stated above are definitely worth giving a shot as you never know which works the best for you. Happy streaming folks!

Introducing Play view App for iphone

Video streaming applications are becoming more and more popular these days. Days are gone when you had to purchase DVDs and CDs to watch your favourite movies or wait for hours and hours for a movie to get downloaded. Now, Applications like Playview has changed it all. Be it a movie, be it a trailer or be it a documentary, you can find all your desired contents in this one single application. You can download Playview for Iphone and enjoy movie streaming for hours in your desired quality. Not only the app offers unlimited streaming, but also you can download your desired videos and watch them later offline whenever and wherever you want.

Playview is a video streaming application that supports streaming in HD and SD both. So if you don’t have a fast internet connection to stream the videos in HD, you can stream them in SD quality too. The most perceptible feature about this application is that it lets you watch videos and movies in multiple languages. So, if you’re someone who’s not comfortable with English, you can stream or download the movies in the language of your choice (Spanish, German etc).


Download Playview for Iphone

Although there are a lot of other alternatives in the market which offers streaming services, but there are some amazing features that makes Playview better than all of them. Playview is currently only available for Android and PC platforms and isn’t yet launched for iphones unfortunately. So if you’re someone who don’t have an android smartphone or a PC but still want to enjoy this application, you’re at the right place.

Here’s a step by step procedure to download Playview for Iphone:-

  1. Go to settings and make sure you have checked the “allow installation of apps from unknown sources” option.
  2. Now, go to Google and search for ‘Playview apk’.
  3. Now select the website of your choice and download the apk from there.
  4. Now, after the downloading has finished, open the apk and install it.
  5. Installation might take few minutes. Once the installation procedure has been finished, you can enjoy the application.

Why Playview

If you’re looking for a video streaming application for iphone, Playview for Iphone is the best you can get in the market. With an amazing and easy to use interface, a downloading option, HD streaming support and thousands and thousands of content, Playview undoubtedly is the best application for watching movies.

Download FaceTime for PC- Windows 10/7/8.1

Download FaceTime for PC: FaceTime is a great app for apple users for video calling, though there are other apps which can be either purchased or are available for free to the users but it comes pre loaded in the apple iPhone, for the other apple products the app can easily be installed. The main aim of the app is to provide quality video calling with the presence of big giants like Skype in the market.

The app registration is simple, it connects to any Apple iPhone registered number or will require users Email Id address, this way apple users can contact with each other for free with the help of Wi-Fi or data service.


The app is free to use and has quality features like HD video calling which makes the app in demand and secures a place in apple devices. The app design is user friendly and has satisfactory reviews from the people using this app. One great advantage which now comes the ever user will be able to use the app without having fancy apple products. Generally we can’t install or use any iOS app on Windows PC, but by using some tricks we can actually get Facetime for PC running smooth and clean without any issue whatsoever.

Download Facetime App on Your PC/Laptop/Macbook

Its possible now to install Facetime app now on your PC/Laptop/Macbook in few quick steps and enjoy high quality video calling facility which was only possible with apple devices. The install of the app on bigger devices will give competition to companies like hike and Skype.

System requirements for Facetime for PC

  • PC/Laptop/Mac
  • Operating System (XP/Win 7/Win 8 or above / OS X 10.6.6 or above)
  • A webcam
  • Medium or high speed internet connection.
  • A Microphone.

These few requirements will ensure that the app works correctly and smoothly. Facetime is indeed one of the best app of current times for high quality video calling experience. In simpler words it is Apple’s answer to Google’s Hangout and Microsoft’s Skype for sure.

Download facetime app on Windows XP/7/8 devices

Step 1) As there is no official windows version of the app you need to install Bluestacks which can be downloaded here. (Bluestacks is one of the most commonly used emulators)

Step 2) Install Bluestacks and login easily with the help of your Gmail account, this hardly requires few seconds.

Step 3) Search Facetime in search box and install it.

Now you will be able to use the Facetime app and can connect with others for quality video calling experience.

Download Facetime app on Mac

Step 1) Visit Mac app store.

Step 2) Search Facetime.

Step 3) Install

Step 4) Login in the app using your apple id.

You will now be able to use Facetime app on your Mac.

If you follow these steps correctly the there should be no problem for you to run Facetime app on your PC/Laptop/Macbook. I hope you have enjoyed the entire read of our article, as we are here only to give best reading experience to all the readers of this site. Feel free to get back to us with any queries whatsoever regarding this topic, and we will happily try to resolve the issue of yours as soon as possible.

All about WhatsApp You should know: facts and figures

WhatsApp inc. was technically started in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. After a strenuous and one fold dedication, WhatsApp has reached its ultimate destination.According to the census, it has grown its user base to one billion in 2016. This is a great achievement in itself.

WhatsApp inc. is still trying to refresh WhatsApp by providing exclusive features to people, all over the world. So let’s recall all the basic features of WhatsApp in one go :-

Downloading process

Downloading WhatsApp is the easiest thing that you can do on your smartphone. iPhone, Android and Window users can always download and update their WhatsApp from the respective Play stores.


Once it is downloaded, you have to enter your mobile number and name to register your WhatsApp account. Now whenever you use it, users don’t have to enter any user code or pin, no passwords nothing. It is that simple.

Oh ! wait I forgot to tell you all, now WhatsApp can also be downloaded on your Desktop or PC very easily. I’ll share it further in the article.

Add your contacts

When you enter in WhatsApp world for the first time, a dialogue box will asks for connecting your contacts with it, just go for “yes”. Well, it’s common sense, if you don’t allow it to do so, how will you chat with your friends ! WhatsApp refreshes every account by itself, therefore, you don’t have to worry to add new contacts manually. Plus if you don’t find a contact on your WhatsApp list, you can always do it by yourself.

Messaging, Calling and Video calling

Messaging existed with WhatsApp for like before it started also. But calling and Video calling are quite new features added to it. Calling was really a very exciting offer by WhatsApp and no doubt it works also. But of course there are some problems that users have to face i.e. if you are talking to your friend through WhatsApp calling, you will definitely will get a late response from the other side due to internet  and WhatsApp internal issues. Though, I still use it, obviously to save money, believe me it is very frustrating ! If we talk about Video Calling, then let me tell you that, video calling is still not available on WhatsApp. But, don’t be disheartened, it’ s just on its way.

WhatsApp Web

The good news is that, we can download WhatsApp on our big screen also. Now WhatsApp is available for desktop and PC. Users have to type WhatsApp web and google it, you will find the link very easily. As shown below, you will be given a bar code. You have to use your mobile phone and scan the code to link the mobile contacts to your desktop.

The only thing is, when you are using WhatsApp on your computer, please keep your smartphone near it. This is how WhatsApp makes connection. Don’t worry, that’s the only thing you have to do. Otherwise, users don’t have to download any special software for it. WhatsApp runs smoothly on your system, giving all the notification on the screen.

I am sure, I was able to explain WhatsApp in a very crisp manner. If by mistake I have left out something, please feel free to give your suggestions below. Thank you!

Vidmate; 3 things you ought to know

Vidmate is the perfect app that can take the most care of your video downlaoding needs. there’s so much the app has to offer, you’ll be blown away in a second!

With so much awesomeness, which feature deserves to be featured on this list? there were many good candidates, but here are the 7 we found the best. tell us if you think another deserves to be on this list.


  1. Vidmate downloads videos faster than any other app
    Vidmate is the quickest. earlier versions were slow, but with each update the speed is progressively increasing. On my own device, it has gone past the speeds of TubeMate, the competitor most often cited.
  2. You can download videos as well as audio files
    Audio downloads are more than supported; they are suggested and offered with gusto. The app gives us the relevant links for download when a song is looked for. No need to open it in a third party browser either; Vidmate lets you download the songs right there.
  3. The app doubles up as a web browser
    Vidmate has a major benefit that you can use the app to browse the internet. No need to browse Facebook on your app or internet browser. You can do it all on Vidmate, and then download your videos with one click! Same goes for every other website! How cool is that?

Isn’t that awesome? Vidmate is like several apps rolled into one. You can get rid of your heavy facebook app, extra internet browsers and  even file hiding apps! There is no comparison for this app’s utility, functionality and class. Get Vidmate for your device now!

How to Send Endless Photos from Desktop to KIK?

Kik messenger is one of those services that lets you send free instant messages to people all over the globe. Not only this, it enables you to send unlimited pictures and videos to your loved ones miles away from you. But what differentiates this application from a regular messaging app is the plethora of innovations that developers at Kik work day in and day out for. For one, Kik has an in-built browser that saves a lot of time when you want to share stuff you read and multi-task between internet browsing and messaging.

KIK is already competiting with other text messaging apps like Viber, ReTxt, SHAREit and WhatsApp. Infact, KIK has came out as a winner when compared against some of the best apps.



Important LinksAn Interesting article from LifeHacker

This article talks about how one can send endless photos from your desktop to Kik and then use it as per your need. Here is the step by step procedure to transfer photos from your desktop to kik. For this, you need to install Blue Stacks on your PC. Blue Stacks is android emulator software that enables you to run all your android applications on your PC.

Related – FaceTime for PC

  • Download Blue Stacks and install it on your PC.
  • When you open it, there will be a tab of App Player. Go to My Apps section under that. Select “1-Click Sync Setup” and setup your google account. This helps you log in your google account into the app. However, if you do not have one, follow the instructions and make a new one.
  • In Blue Stacks, under the app search section, look for Gmail in the search bar. This will help you install Gmail app in your Blue Stack environment.
  • Open the Gmail app using Blue Stacks and log in with your email id.
  • Similarly, under the app search menu, look for kik messenger and install it like before on your Blue Stacks.
  • Now you need to switch over to your regular email client or open your email in the PC browser that you general use. Under compose a new mail, attach the relevant pictures to the mail and send it to the id that you logged in with in the 4th step on the Blue Stacks.
  • Then go back to the Blue stacks app player and open the Gmail app. You’ve got mail. Click on the picture and select the “Save” from the pop up menu to download the files to a location of your choice.
  • Now, close the Gmail app. Time to turn to Kik.
  • Sign in with your Kik account after accepting all the terms of the agreement.
  • It’s time to send that picture already. Select the contact that you which to send the app to. Next, click on the “Plus” button and choose gallery. Browse and select the photo you had saved in the 7th This will send the photo to the contact you ad selected.

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This is how one can use the combination of PC and Kik to send pictures across. We must advise all our readers that the email client they use can be other than Gmail without any issues. Keep visiting this space for such solutions.

Basic Tips to ace Video Editing with iMovie for PC

iMovie is a great software for Mac lovers. When you have such a software, Video Editing is fun, entertaining and gives you a cool yet sophisticated feel. No longer is it the bastion of the geeky kid with fancy HD camera. You can record videos with your phone camera and edit them to put in great effects, banners, transitions and even animations. But you don’t want to get frustrated, do you? So here’s what you do.


  1. Understand your software

Softwares often have small tutorials or tours you can take to learn your way through the program. Don’t just skip through it in seconds. Sit through it patiently. You’ll get at least a faint idea about navigating to different sections, where to put your clips, where to put your audios, how to cut and merge clips etc. You are going to need all of these (or at least most) to embellish your videos for that Pro feel. In fact, iMovie is such an awesome software that it will make your work easier when you download iMovie for PC and use it with great comfort.

  1. Learn the keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts are the easier way to take when editing a video frame by frame. Basics like moving through the video frame by frame, splitting, toggling speed etc are quicker to do compared to rolling your pointer around to reach the icons.

  1. Keep a stock of BG scores to snaz up your art

Unless you’re working on YouTube’s own online editor (and I’m truly sorry, and confused, if you are), hopping onto the net and listening to 10-20 songs that could match your requirement for the video will probably make your frustrated during editing. Instead, keep a collection of scores for the background in your music library. Having different types of scores (instrumental, Bollywood, nature sounds, fun numbers etc) with different beats (slow, medium, quick) is one way to go about it. Have lots of genres, like fun, funky, bright, sad, partyish, electronic, jazz, and maybe a few saxophone tracks too, if that’s your think.

  1. Keep some beverage handy

If the video is long, it may take you a while to make a satisfactorily edited video. An 8-10 minute video used to take me an hour or two to edit. People get faster as they learn their way through the software. But until then, you need to stay calm. Sipping something can do wonders. Try to not have something with lots and lots of sugar though, unless you can burn those carbs up. Basically, keep calm, but also don’t end up with heart problems later in life.

  1. Have fun

Unless you’re throwing together a video for your boss’s birthday bash which begins in 20 minutes, you’re allowed to have fun. Press “undo” as often as needed. If you’re a newbie, it’s not necessary you’ll get it all perfect in the first try, is it? And if you’re not so new, you can experiment too, right? So go right ahead. Putting new stuff will keep your audience engaged. And if you find it ugly, there’s always Ctrl+Z.