All about WhatsApp You should know: facts and figures

WhatsApp inc. was technically started in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. After a strenuous and one fold dedication, WhatsApp has reached its ultimate destination.According to the census, it has grown its user base to one billion in 2016. This is a great achievement in itself.

WhatsApp inc. is still trying to refresh WhatsApp by providing exclusive features to people, all over the world. So let’s recall all the basic features of WhatsApp in one go :-

Downloading process

Downloading WhatsApp is the easiest thing that you can do on your smartphone. iPhone, Android and Window users can always download and update their WhatsApp from the respective Play stores.


Once it is downloaded, you have to enter your mobile number and name to register your WhatsApp account. Now whenever you use it, users don’t have to enter any user code or pin, no passwords nothing. It is that simple.

Oh ! wait I forgot to tell you all, now WhatsApp can also be downloaded on your Desktop or PC very easily. I’ll share it further in the article.

Add your contacts

When you enter in WhatsApp world for the first time, a dialogue box will asks for connecting your contacts with it, just go for “yes”. Well, it’s common sense, if you don’t allow it to do so, how will you chat with your friends ! WhatsApp refreshes every account by itself, therefore, you don’t have to worry to add new contacts manually. Plus if you don’t find a contact on your WhatsApp list, you can always do it by yourself.

Messaging, Calling and Video calling

Messaging existed with WhatsApp for like before it started also. But calling and Video calling are quite new features added to it. Calling was really a very exciting offer by WhatsApp and no doubt it works also. But of course there are some problems that users have to face i.e. if you are talking to your friend through WhatsApp calling, you will definitely will get a late response from the other side due to internet  and WhatsApp internal issues. Though, I still use it, obviously to save money, believe me it is very frustrating ! If we talk about Video Calling, then let me tell you that, video calling is still not available on WhatsApp. But, don’t be disheartened, it’ s just on its way.

WhatsApp Web

The good news is that, we can download WhatsApp on our big screen also. Now WhatsApp is available for desktop and PC. Users have to type WhatsApp web and google it, you will find the link very easily. As shown below, you will be given a bar code. You have to use your mobile phone and scan the code to link the mobile contacts to your desktop.

The only thing is, when you are using WhatsApp on your computer, please keep your smartphone near it. This is how WhatsApp makes connection. Don’t worry, that’s the only thing you have to do. Otherwise, users don’t have to download any special software for it. WhatsApp runs smoothly on your system, giving all the notification on the screen.

I am sure, I was able to explain WhatsApp in a very crisp manner. If by mistake I have left out something, please feel free to give your suggestions below. Thank you!

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