Best Adventure Games for Android 2017

Who doesn’t love adventure games? Every game has its uniqueness which makes it different from others. We would not say all games are amazing but people do have different opinion and we will be telling you the games which are liked by the majority. Do not miss these:

1. Cryptic Labyrinth

Probably one of the best adventure games out there. Cryptic Labyrinth is a game which will play with your mind and test your problem solving skills. You will be locked in a creepy room and there is only one exit to leave the room which is right in from of you. How to exit? Well, that’s the game. It is a step-by-step game with reality-based graphics which will help you to unlock the door and go towards the next level.

2. Haunted Manor

Ones with the heart problems should probably stay away from this. It is a horror game in which a tourist is staying in a haunted hotel and hears weird voices. Get the game and help the tourist with his curiosity.

3. Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff is an animated game where you play as the father of a family living in a peaceful town until a monster chicken disrupts the whole town. Get rid of it and save your town by following the game’s rules.

4. Wolf Among Us

This is a very popular multiple award winning game with a mind boggling story. In this game you’ll need to make decisions at various stages which will affect the story. Although the gameplay is a bit weird a first but the nail biting story will keep you entertained.

5. Ice Age Village

The popular animated movie series has now turned into a game where you’ll need to build houses for your fellow animal friends in order to protect them from the cracked earth’s crust.

6. Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is among the most popular games of all time. There are numerous GTA games and all will amaze you. You play as a gangster who receives missions such as shooting somebody or delivering the package. The game may be a bit edgy but it sure will make you play again and again.

7. Minecraft : Pocket Edition

Minecraft is a well known name in the gaming industry. This game tests your creative abilities by giving you infinite supply of the materials. With the given materials, you can build whatever you want. There are basically two modes; creative and survival. In the creative mode you’re free to move around the map and do whatever you want to whereas in the survival mode you’ll need to build things in the day time whereas protect them from the monsters at the night.

8. Cat Story

The game revolves around the cat who handles a giant ship which gets destroyed by the storm and the cat ends up in an unknown island. The cat then does whatever it can in order to build her island.  

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