Best Garageband Alternatives

Garageband is a music composing app as we all know and it is exclusive for the Apple users, it can be accessed on iPhones or Mac’s. Garageband has a lot of amazing features due to which it is the most used app in music Industry almost every music composer uses Garageband to compose the music. But, not everyone can afford a Apple device so in that case we are going to tell you the best Garageband Alternatives available which you can use on your windows. Even some of the platforms can be accessed online so there is no need to install some software in order to access that app which makes the work a lot more easier.

#1 Audiotool is an online platform so you do not need to download and install and software on your PC in order to use the music composing app. You can just access their platform via your web browser which really does sound amazing and so easy! The best part about audiotool is that you can easily save all your tracks and their website and later comeback and access them. So which makes it easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

While there is an additional option to install their dekstop app which also allows you to add all the Audiotool devices to that dekstop App! You can share your tracks with anyone using the cloud feature which makes merging and splitting more easier. There is one more option you can try downloading garageband on pc.

#2 Abelton Live

Abelton Live is a very unique music composing app which not only lets you compose the music but also assists you on the way! The reason why abelton live is a famous app is because of its ability to edit the song real time during live performance and record it during the go. That’s why this app is among one of the most famous app’s in Live performers it gives a lot more options.

As the company is constantly trying to improve their software so they keep releasing new versions to make consistent progress. Till now they have released eight versions which is quite a lot and in every version they release they try to make it more better than the previous release whether it’s MIDI Imporvements or something else!

#3 Music Maker Jam

Music maker Jam works for both iOS and Windows devices and if you are looking to expand your music library then Music Maker Jam is the right choice for you because they have great collections of track in Hip Hop, Metal, Techno etc. Not only the library but when it comes to sound mixing it is a great tool. It works smoothly when it comes to mixing track and does the job pretty easily without any hiccups or any other general issue!

So, this was it for the Best Garageband Alternatives! Stay tuned for more updates from unselfie we will be back some informative article soon!

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