Guide to Download GarageBand for PC

GarageBand is one best and thrilling sound mixing application available for users. This is a official app developed by apple. If you are a part of music industry and development it has variety of features to offer to you. One good feature is the presence of virtual keyboard in the app, but to check out all its features I recommend you to download the app and see for yourself.


The sole aim of the app is that users are able to create own customized music i.e. new tracks and different songs. With this app one can create music in quick time thus can become a good asset for anyone who knows how to use the app.

Some interesting things to do with the app is to edit sounds or using the app with guitars. Some of the alternatives of the app that you might be interested in are MixCraft & StageLight.

The best way to explore the app is by going through the guide which comes with the app and it lets you know about the features, functions and other details of the app as well.

System Requirements for GarageBand App

  • PC/Laptop/Mac book.
  • Windows/ OS X.
  • Internet connection.
  • System Drivers.
  • A Speaker or a Headphone.

These will ensure proper functioning of the Application.

Download GarageBand App In PC/Laptop

As there is no official version of the app made for PC/Laptop, the installation process will be carried out by Bluestacks or Youwave emulator.

Note: – You can also download this wonderful app on your pc using rare sofware. Have a look at this detailed tutorial about downloading garageband for pc using rare software.

Step 1) Download Bluestacks or Youwave.

Step 2) Login with account

Step 3) Search GarageBand

Step 4) Install GarageBand.

Now just open your emulator and run GarageBand. If you are not able to run GarageBand using this way, try alternate method as explained below

Download GarageBand Using Rare Software

Installation of GarageBand app can be quite easy with the Rare Software, follow the steps below to install the app.

Step 1) Start the downloader by going here.

Step 2) Choose the installation destination.

Step 3) Wait for program to install and run.

This would install GarageBand on your PC/Laptop.

Download GarageBand on Mac

Installing the GarageBand on your Macbook is not a difficult task and you can do so in few minutes just by simply following the steps below.

Step 1) Visit Mac app store on you Macbook.

Step 2) Search GarageBand.

Step 3) Install the application.

You will now be able to use GarageBand app on your Mac.

Thus now you have successfully installed GarageBand on your Laptop/PC/Mac.


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