How to Send Endless Photos from Desktop to KIK?

Kik messenger is one of those services that lets you send free instant messages to people all over the globe. Not only this, it enables you to send unlimited pictures and videos to your loved ones miles away from you. But what differentiates this application from a regular messaging app is the plethora of innovations that developers at Kik work day in and day out for. For one, Kik has an in-built browser that saves a lot of time when you want to share stuff you read and multi-task between internet browsing and messaging.

KIK is already competiting with other text messaging apps like Viber, ReTxt, SHAREit and WhatsApp. Infact, KIK has came out as a winner when compared against some of the best apps.



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This article talks about how one can send endless photos from your desktop to Kik and then use it as per your need. Here is the step by step procedure to transfer photos from your desktop to kik. For this, you need to install Blue Stacks on your PC. Blue Stacks is android emulator software that enables you to run all your android applications on your PC.

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  • Download Blue Stacks and install it on your PC.
  • When you open it, there will be a tab of App Player. Go to My Apps section under that. Select “1-Click Sync Setup” and setup your google account. This helps you log in your google account into the app. However, if you do not have one, follow the instructions and make a new one.
  • In Blue Stacks, under the app search section, look for Gmail in the search bar. This will help you install Gmail app in your Blue Stack environment.
  • Open the Gmail app using Blue Stacks and log in with your email id.
  • Similarly, under the app search menu, look for kik messenger and install it like before on your Blue Stacks.
  • Now you need to switch over to your regular email client or open your email in the PC browser that you general use. Under compose a new mail, attach the relevant pictures to the mail and send it to the id that you logged in with in the 4th step on the Blue Stacks.
  • Then go back to the Blue stacks app player and open the Gmail app. You’ve got mail. Click on the picture and select the “Save” from the pop up menu to download the files to a location of your choice.
  • Now, close the Gmail app. Time to turn to Kik.
  • Sign in with your Kik account after accepting all the terms of the agreement.
  • It’s time to send that picture already. Select the contact that you which to send the app to. Next, click on the “Plus” button and choose gallery. Browse and select the photo you had saved in the 7th This will send the photo to the contact you ad selected.

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This is how one can use the combination of PC and Kik to send pictures across. We must advise all our readers that the email client they use can be other than Gmail without any issues. Keep visiting this space for such solutions.

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