Top Apps To Watch Movies Online For Free

When you miss out on movies, you don’t always want to buy a CD for a one time watch, isn’t it? Well, here is when the apps which are meant for watching movies online come to our rescue. So, let me bring to you, a list of applications which let you enjoy movies online, for free. In case you have missed out on them, here is your savior.

Everyone might know of Showbox, but the others are of help when Showbox goes out of service. Have a look at the apps for you, try them out, and see which one is the best for use!

Showbox App


One of the most popular applications to watch movies online, Showbox is an ideal one. Showbox is your one stop destination for watching movies online. With regular updates on board, Showbox has made a name in the world of apps to watch movies online. With HD quality videos and a universal user interface, the app does great on both laptops and tablets. Downloading and streaming movies just became easier and better!

Playbox HD app


With an easy and simple to view user interface, the app is a box full of Entertainment. The name speaks pretty much about the application itself. When HD and play come together, well, you know you have got the best in store. So, here is Playbox HD app; a place where you can enjoy movies and shows for free with friends and family.  Updates are frequent enough for you to never get bored, it is safe enough as well, and with Chromecast and Kids mode, Playbox HD is indeed an application which is worth being used as an alternative to the app which has become the favorite of all, Showbox HD!

With an easy and simple to view user interface, the app is a box full of Entertainment.



With around 25 million users on board, Crackle is an amazing app to watch movies online for free. Content gets uploaded every month and irrespective of your location, all you need is the app to enjoy a list of hot movies of the month.

  • Watch a number of movies and shows for free.
  • Works in sync with Chromecast, and hence lets you cast them.
  • You can as well save movies for your leisure time with the help of a watchlist.

Hulu App


This is an application where content upgradations take place once the movies and shows have been aired; of course depending upon certain rules and terms.  One can view more than a single show as well.

  • You can watch movies and shows at your clicks.
  • You can use Chromecast to cast the movies on your TV’s.
  • It keeps adding content; hence, you are always getting more.
  • Create your watchlist for later on!

Hubi Streaming app


Well, for times nothing seems to work out, here is an easy way out to watch movies offline.  This is an application where you can choose the kind of media you want to be used for playing the movie, you can share links with friends and others for their easy access. Also, a unique feature of the application is the fact that it doesn’t has movies within the app, but is basically a source of external links from where movies are streamed.



If you are looking for movies which aren’t the typical filmy drama, here is your kind of an app. You get a list of movies to your disposal which aren’t typical, but a great source of entertainment for sure. It has its own advantages and cons; hence, you can use it for yourself, to decide whether or not it is worth the time and internet data. *winks*

Flipps HD


A nifty app it is, which allows you to watch movies on your TV as well, thanks to technology. The movie collection is an average one where you can quite easily keep yourself entertained enough in times of boredom. Though a little slow, the quality of streaming is phenomenal and worth a watch on your TV screens over your Smartphones.

So, this was all about the applications which allow you to watch movies online for free. From Shobox, to Flipps, there are differences and similarities; it is now you who can choose the best for you. all the apps stated above are definitely worth giving a shot as you never know which works the best for you. Happy streaming folks!

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