Basic Tips to ace Video Editing with iMovie for PC

iMovie is a great software for Mac lovers. When you have such a software, Video Editing is fun, entertaining and gives you a cool yet sophisticated feel. No longer is it the bastion of the geeky kid with fancy HD camera. You can record videos with your phone camera and edit them to put in great effects, banners, transitions and even animations. But you don’t want to get frustrated, do you? So here’s what you do.


  1. Understand your software

Softwares often have small tutorials or tours you can take to learn your way through the program. Don’t just skip through it in seconds. Sit through it patiently. You’ll get at least a faint idea about navigating to different sections, where to put your clips, where to put your audios, how to cut and merge clips etc. You are going to need all of these (or at least most) to embellish your videos for that Pro feel. In fact, iMovie is such an awesome software that it will make your work easier when you download iMovie for PC and use it with great comfort.

  1. Learn the keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts are the easier way to take when editing a video frame by frame. Basics like moving through the video frame by frame, splitting, toggling speed etc are quicker to do compared to rolling your pointer around to reach the icons.

  1. Keep a stock of BG scores to snaz up your art

Unless you’re working on YouTube’s own online editor (and I’m truly sorry, and confused, if you are), hopping onto the net and listening to 10-20 songs that could match your requirement for the video will probably make your frustrated during editing. Instead, keep a collection of scores for the background in your music library. Having different types of scores (instrumental, Bollywood, nature sounds, fun numbers etc) with different beats (slow, medium, quick) is one way to go about it. Have lots of genres, like fun, funky, bright, sad, partyish, electronic, jazz, and maybe a few saxophone tracks too, if that’s your think.

  1. Keep some beverage handy

If the video is long, it may take you a while to make a satisfactorily edited video. An 8-10 minute video used to take me an hour or two to edit. People get faster as they learn their way through the software. But until then, you need to stay calm. Sipping something can do wonders. Try to not have something with lots and lots of sugar though, unless you can burn those carbs up. Basically, keep calm, but also don’t end up with heart problems later in life.

  1. Have fun

Unless you’re throwing together a video for your boss’s birthday bash which begins in 20 minutes, you’re allowed to have fun. Press “undo” as often as needed. If you’re a newbie, it’s not necessary you’ll get it all perfect in the first try, is it? And if you’re not so new, you can experiment too, right? So go right ahead. Putting new stuff will keep your audience engaged. And if you find it ugly, there’s always Ctrl+Z.

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