Vidmate; 3 things you ought to know

Vidmate is the perfect app that can take the most care of your video downlaoding needs. there’s so much the app has to offer, you’ll be blown away in a second!

With so much awesomeness, which feature deserves to be featured on this list? there were many good candidates, but here are the 7 we found the best. tell us if you think another deserves to be on this list.


  1. Vidmate downloads videos faster than any other app
    Vidmate is the quickest. earlier versions were slow, but with each update the speed is progressively increasing. On my own device, it has gone past the speeds of TubeMate, the competitor most often cited.
  2. You can download videos as well as audio files
    Audio downloads are more than supported; they are suggested and offered with gusto. The app gives us the relevant links for download when a song is looked for. No need to open it in a third party browser either; Vidmate lets you download the songs right there.
  3. The app doubles up as a web browser
    Vidmate has a major benefit that you can use the app to browse the internet. No need to browse Facebook on your app or internet browser. You can do it all on Vidmate, and then download your videos with one click! Same goes for every other website! How cool is that?

Isn’t that awesome? Vidmate is like several apps rolled into one. You can get rid of your heavy facebook app, extra internet browsers and  even file hiding apps! There is no comparison for this app’s utility, functionality and class. Get Vidmate for your device now!

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